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From the moment you arrive at the airport, train station or ferry terminal your work is done. Just check in and board and we take care of everything from there.
All you need to do is tell us where you want to go, how many people are travelling and your budget we have on offer.
We work with clients across a range of sectors and we utilise all forms of media to get your name out there.
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We have a number of different teams within our agency that specialise in different areas. We can ensure you that is a good thing.
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We are a 40 birth campsite open to caravans, motor homes and tents, situated in the picturesque New forest. We are open between March and November.
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  • deuce, sam, duke, tickles
  • chico, ahead of the storms
  • woods and grandpa. watching. patient shadows
  • Breath and dust hang together in the near frozen air, morning a muted affair as we ease into the truck. The dogs pile themselves onto laps. Watch through frosted windows. The deep red glow creeps down the Sangres. There is hot coffee, thick and black in the kitchen. Duke and Tate dust the snow off a pile of wood, a fire crackles in the coral. The bison wait patiently, standing shoulder to shoulder. The clanking of horns against rusted steel marking their movement into the chutes, a brief encounter with us, and they are gone, glad of it. Soon the sun again, open pasture, another year.
  • Living in Sevilla some years back an older friend of mine often laughed at my pervading sense of uncertainty about the future and encouraged me with the words, “poco a poco, llegamos lejos”. ⁣
Little by little we go far. ⁣⁣
At the time I don’t think I fully understood what he was saying, and probably, in ten years again, will realize that I still don’t. I’m comforted though, by that simple refrain, and by the words and actions of friends like @dukephillipsIII whose vision and ethos for ranching are moving the needle in ranching towards a system that recognizes and values conservation at its core. ⁣⁣
In the coming weeks the @ranchlands crew will be embarking on their annual bison roundup, continuing their work with the @natureconservancy and moving the conversation and practices of regenerative agriculture in ranching forward with that same patient step by step approach ⁣⁣
  • I try to create and cultivate situations and scenarios where “hurry” is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind. As humans we’re very perceptive to other people’s energy, and that sense of “hurry” or “busyness” comes through in imagery I think.  I used to be a lot more frantic about “getting the shot”. Now days I see a lot of shots, and know I can’t get them all, and that chasing each shot often makes it so you don’t get any of them. I think patience is an underrated skill, and like any skill, it takes practice.⁣⁣
// From a conversation with @heidivolpe for @aphotoedotor interview a few weeks back around dealing with the constant pressure of creating images. Thanks for the thoughtful And thought provoking questions Heidi //
  • Working on edits from Alaska (and other slightly less uncomfortable places to snooze outside) for an upcoming book about not sleeping in your house. Thanks to @semi_rad and @artisan_books for the opportunity save a few more images from harddrive purgatory and to make something a bit more tangible out of all these pixels
  • 'If exploration is curiosity in action, the seduction of adventure is how we test ourselves to discover our edges, pressing on them to see if and how they expand. This issue of Sidetracked pulses with questions and answers that deepen our understanding of what fuels our motivations, obsessions, and search for meaning.' – @kimfrankwriter from the foreword for @sidetrackedmag Volume 16⁣
Graham and Shannon shared more great thoughts and insights from the Aniakchak trip last summer- along with some stills from one of my cameras which was at some point transformed to a water-logged-paper-weight thanks to the varied wonders and persistence of Alaskan precipitation⁣
High fives to the grizzly bear that didn’t eat Tommy and to the awesome crew who helped pull this trip and resultant film together @grahamzimmerman @shanmcd8 @tommypenick @jimaikman @laurakottlowski @rei @nrsweb
  • I’ve long looked up to the crew at @aphotoeditor for insights into the mysteries and beauty of the still image and a career therein. Quite a surprise and delight to be interviewed by the wonderful @heidivolpe and to have my work featured alongside the work of peers and legends.⁣
Chatted about work and life, the important places, Ranchlands, climate change, recent work for @gardenandgun and I shared some easier said than done words of advice for a younger me:⁣
“Do good work. Be kind to the people around you, and to yourself. Balance your idealism with healthy doses of action. Embrace failure and continually seek opportunities to learn – in whatever form or medium they might take. Question societal definitions of success. Make your own. Surround yourself with good people. And be one, as much as you can. Watch, listen, and when the time is right, act with conviction. Be willing to adapt, to flex, to see from different angles, but don’t ever give up on the unique point of view that makes you you.“
  • [development notes] Summer in Montana a few weeks back. watching storms move out across the tobacco root mountains. handheld tailgate lap snap on the Leica while googling faraday cages #ektar100 #m6 #35mm
  • “Teaching my children about adaptation is hard - none of us really know what will happen in the next 10, 20, 30 years,” explains our friend Lulu who works for Tuvalu’s Department of the Environment and is tasked with developing plans for action and adaptation on the tiny island nation. “But I hope that if they choose to stay in this land, that will be a choice they can make themselves - that they will not become climate refugees.” Lulu’s ancestors have lived on the archipelago that makes up this tiny South Pacific nation for some 3000 years. ⁣
Coconuts and freshly caught fish abound, but the traditional way of life is shifting on the island - and at an accelerated pace. The average elevation in Tuvalu is a mere two meters above sea level, and even by conservative climate model projections, Lulu's children and grandchildren will face serious struggles if they are to remain on their ancestral land and adapt to rising sea levels. In the last couple decades the idea of “climate refugees” has begun to infiltrate the vocabulary of low lying island nations like Tuvalu, raising questions for many elders in the community as to what the future will hold for their children.⁣
I have posted these words before, and this image as well. I am sharing again today in the hopes of amplifying the voices of Elsie (pictured here), her father Lulu (quoted) and other @pacificclimatewarriors and youth around the world who are stepping up to advocate on behalf of our shared future and planet. ⁣
If you (like me) are in a privileged enough position today to be using social media, hypothesizing on climate change in it’s more abstract forms, striking, marching, etc, please also give some thought and attention to the plight of the people of Tuvalu and other less economically, structurally or geographically insulated communities who have been and will continue to be on the front lines of the climate crisis. ⁣
#Tuvalu #ClimateStrike #PacificPawa #PacificClimateWarriors #fridaysforfuture #climateaction
  • “We are not drowning, we are fighting”⁣
Today is already tomorrow in the Pacific Islands, and the @pacificclimatewarriors are once again on the front lines of the climate movement. A day and a decade ahead, the youth of the Pacific have grown up with the looming threat of climate change - not as an abstract construct, but as a daily reality, literally shifting the ground beneath them and their homes⁣
These images are from the island of Tuvalu which, according to the UN, is likely to be the first country to lose sovereignty as a result of climate change.⁣
give an ear, an eye, a shoulder, a heart, some marching - whatever you can - to the Pacific Climate Warriors and youth around the globe today, tomorrow and beyond as they fight call for a strike against a system that is letting all of us down #climatestrike #globalclimatestrike
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